24V passive to power a 802.11 af/at device

Hello all, a bit of a newb question here. I am upgrading my network and adding Ubiquiti Security cameras. As part of the install I am doing there is a “remote” location that I am putting cameras in, and I am sending the information back to my main network via a NanoBeam AC 16. I have a G3, G4 Pro camera, the NanoBeam AC 16, and a NanoSwitch. I was hoping to power everything with the NanoSwitch which only ouputs 24V passive PoE. The only device that doesn’t support 24V Passive is the G4 Pro which supports 802.11 af/at. My question is, can I power the G4 Pro from the 24V switch or do I have to get a separate injector to power the G4? Or another way to ask the question, does 802.11 af/at support 24V passive PoE to power devices? Thanks for the advice!

You can use this to go from 802.3af to 24v, but I don’t know of a way to go the other way. So you’ll need to use the injector instead of the switch to power the G4 Pro.

Thanks for the reply. So the official word from Ubiquiti is, no. The NanoSwitch cannot power the G4 Pro. I am sure I could get something like this but since I remebered I had an extra PoE injector at 48V .5A I tried that since that is in the af spec and it worked.