2021 Average IT Consulting Costs

Hi, all. Burning the midnight oil tonight, running the numbers and trying to complete the website for the new IT support biz opening this Friday, April 30th.

Would like to share the entire my entire process of how I have come to my numbers, but in the interest of time right now I want to share the main thing. How the numbers I got on my own ended up being the same as the averages listed in the link below. It’s nice to know how I arrived at my numbers make sense, it’s like the cherry on top of 2+ yrs of getting ready for this day.

TL;DR is the Average IT Consulting Prices by Hour for 2021

It’s nicely laid out, includes averages for the US and other countries, sub categories by IT consultant business size too.

@LTS_Tom - Tom Lawrence, thanks again so much for this forum and everything you have published related to IT support services business over the years. You took a tired burned-out Sr. IT Admin\Project Manager and gave me inspiration & renewed interest in IT things and services.


Interesting, nice to know I an also in the ballpark. One thing they did not include regional data for the US. Being a bedroom to the Swamp my hourly fees may be a bit on the low side but then I am geared to the SMB market. Good luck in your endeavors.

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