200+ hosts in Zabbix

Hi All,
I am new to this forum and I work for a small MSP in Sweden.

We are migrating to Zabbix from another tool and it seems to progress as planned.
However, there is one issue that I would like to get some insight to from other Zabbix users, and that is how you manage the system when you have a lot of hosts?
We are in the beginning and we have so far 3 customers and about 150 hosts in the system at the moment.
I think we will end up at about 1500 hosts when we are done.

Already now the host list is hard to read and I haven’t found any way of creating some form of hierarchy.

Please help!


Option 1 is Host Groups. A host can be in multiple groups, so for example I have Windows, Linux, OtherOS, then one group per customer, then for some things I might also make one group per location (datacenter, cloud, main office, etc)

So Host #1 is in the groups Linux, CustomerA, and CustomerA-Datacenter, and Host #100 is in the groups Windows, CustomerC, and AWS.

Host groups can be used to filter the hosts and alerts lists, and can be used for user access permissions too (CustomerC-readonly can see the CustomerC Host Group and nothing else, which also means if you enable alerts for that user/group they’ll get their hosts and nothing else)

Option 2 is tagging, which is much more complicated but has the potential to be much more powerful.

I use both Host Groups and Tags to to try to keep the system in order but the problem is that I can’t see the order I create.

In this picture you can see what it looks like in our old system. An “Agent” is similar to a Zabbix Proxy.
With this hierarchy it becomes very easy to keep the customers (and our own) equipment apart in the same system and it is easy to keep it tidy.

In this old system there are also the possibility to use a host list view, similar to the host list in Zabbix but i don’t think I ever used it.

I guess I might be old school and I like hierarchy because it makes it easy for me to se were everything goes. :slight_smile: