2 WANs and 2 LANs with pfSense?

Can 2 WANs and 2 LANs be configured in pfSense on a MicroPC Firewall with 4 ports?
WAN1 (first Public IP - PPPoE) - LAN1 with DHCP
WAN2 (second Public IP - PPPoE) -LAN2 with DHCP
Without the LANs to communicate with each other
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Yes, create the LAN rules so the two subnets can not talk to each other and create rules for what gateway they will use.

You can get some concept of how that works in this video

OK. I understand but I don’t want Fail over and or Load Balancing.
I want each Lan to go out independently on the intended WAN.
Specifically, WAN1 - LAN1 is business and WAN2 - LAN2 are guests.
I don’t want the two LANs to communicate with each other or to go out on a different WAN than the intended one.
Unfortunately, I cannot do tests yet because the MicroPC will not arrive until next week. Until then, I want to find out if this scenario has been done before and if it can be done

Yes, pfsense can do this as well.

My point in posting the video is that you can do by not having the WAN grouped, but instead leave them separate and create rules as shown in the video that route traffic per subnet out each WAN.

OK. Thank you very much.
After I have the MicroPC and start the tests and if I have any problems I will come back to the topic.