2 vlans on uap ac iw

Hello…i have an issue with vlans on unifi UDM pro se and edgeswitch plus Aps…
So long story sort i need to configure 2 vlans on the ap which is uap ac iw that is connected to edgeswitch and the edge switch is connected to udm pro.
Also to lock out one of the 2 vlan because it is for the wifi for the clients. The second vlan is for ip phone that is connected to the pbx…
Can you help me please thanks

Been a number of years since I used an Edge switch but I believe you need to define the VLANs in the switch in order for it to pass them.

Thanks for your answer…i already did that ,there is no problem passing the vlans through th edge switch…the problem is in the configuration of the system in order to have in one cable 2 vlans that goes to wifi accesspoint and be seperated on the access point…thats quite the easy part … But the vlan that jas the wifi need to be locked out feom the system.eaning not to communicate with the other vlans

So you need appropriate firewall rules in your UDM Pro SE to keep traffic from the two VLANs separate. If your not familiar with how to do that, I’m sure Tom has some good videos about that.

I have a similar setup with some Unifi devices and a non-Unifi switch. I found setup easier overall having the the AP connected directly to my other Unifi equipment, rather than through a non-Unifi switch. That way I could take advantage of the setup integration in the Unifi controller. Then I just had to make sure the port the non-Unifi switch was plugged into got the correct VLAN.

Not a big difference, but it helped me.

So your setup would be:

→ Unifi AP
→ Edge switch

Thank you very much for your answer… Unfortunately there are to many of them…33 access points on total…and are connected in unifi edge switch 26x2 poe ports…seperated by half in each port … So it would be difficult for me to buy new ones…the v lans got through the edge switch by creating and tagging them.3 vlans per port…and create a firewall rule…so tomorrow i will be there and see what is going on…

So went there today…every vlan is passing through… But i cant make them working without finding the gateway or the other vlans… If you scan the network you’ll find every device in all the vlans…so how it is possible to configure the udm in order not to do so… What kind of firewall rule should i make?