2 ISP on PFsense

Hey everyone,

I know have 2 ISPs one is ATT Fiber 1g up and down the other one is Comcast 50/50. I would like to use them in 1 PFsense appliance, for different traffic. ATT is normal traffic and the Comcast is my guest traffic. What’s the best way on doing this? The guest network is and the Normal is 172.18.222/24.

I really hope this makes sense.

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I configured ATT fiber as primary and LTE as failover. Makes it easier routing traffic.

How did you configure it to make it work?

You need to create two different NAT statements for outbound traffic. You’ll need to specify the source network for each one to use either personal or guest.

May I get a screenshot but remove your personal info of course. Since this is what I would do but not sure. https://i.imgur.com/JrnRcYe.png

Source looks good, but you need to change destination to ANY and redirect should be left blank.