2 different vpn clients

it is possible to have 2 different vpn clients connected to my pfsesne and if so how. Have tried but no luck

I never tested that my friend. Let me try over the weekend and I will get back at you. Which 2 VPNs do you want to use?

I use ovpn

has an ovpn supplier called ovpn.com so I try to control that any computer gets (ovpn 1) and other computers gets (ovpn2)

it is the same vpn provider but they have different servers in different countries where i want to connect to

I use 2 VPN providers and use 4 gateways as I use 3 VPN connections and a straight through gateway for my sons gaming machines i.e. phones etc on a VPN gateway from provider 1, torrent pc on its gateway to a different VPN server but same provider, other pc’s on their gateway and different provider from the other 2 VPNs and finally a non VPN straight to my ISP for the boys games machines.

It all seems to work, but there probably is a better way to do it.