2.5inch SATA to PCIe Adapter card

I have some SSD’s laying around and want to toss them in my file server, TruNAS, for cache drives. I have no open SATA ports or places really to mount the drives in the current case, so figured PCIe cards that the drive can mount on would be a solid option.

I found this one that looks pretty solid.


Anyone use it before? Or use other ones? Any issues. OWC has been around a long time and as far as I can tell have been pretty solid. I found a dual drive one from Sedna for the same price, but I have had mixed results with various products from them when I have used them. So, not real keen on them.

A lot more money, but here is a Sonnet that you probably already saw, but note that it is full height and full length. https://www.amazon.com/Sonnet-Fusion-Dual-2-5-inch-RAID/dp/B084294HF9/

Does your case have any other places to put drives? Like slim optical (adapters for this) or a floppy spot? I’ve used tape to hold SSD’s in place on my lab servers, not very elegant but it sure does get the job done.

It is a tower case and I have drives jammed in every hole I can find in it. So, full size cards are not an issue. Plus, I have a few open PCIe slots open. I would just get an HBA card and shove a drive some place, but I hate doing that. I like everything all neat and orderly in the case. At least as much as possible.