2.5GB-NIC hardware for PFSense


I’ve decided to adopt PFSense as a part of my home network major upgrade.

I have Xfinity 1200 plan, so need to use its speed to the fullest.

Three TVs with streaming services and sometimes I need to download large files (I permanently WFH doing support for an IT company).

What’s the best available hardware for PFSense with 2.5GB NIC, assuming that I will use this or similar modem: Netgear CM2000 (currently using CM1100 which is limited to 1GB NIC speed).

Since I’m facing an uphill battle with DoH on a school-managed laptop for my son, I plan to use ntopng along with other modules to learn/restrict the traffic patterns.

My network currently has about 70-80 devices and I plan to upgrade to Unifi managed switches and Wi-Fi 6E access points in the future (the home size is 2300 sqft + 5000 sqft backyard coverage would be nice).

I’m not trying to fish for a deal, trying to buy a knock-off box from Ali-Express. On the other side, not currently planning to buy and deploy a Cisco Catalyst :slight_smile:

PFSense now does devices with 2.5GB network cards i.e. Netgate 4100 or 6100

ALso look at Protectli devices.

Take a look at some of the ServeTheHome YT videos, he’s done a few reviews of 2.5G boxes.

We recently picked up these for the lab and they work

I used a Intel NUC with dual 2.5 GbE NIC. My thought was it would be (hopefully) a bit more reliable long term than the generic boxes, and a bit more horsepower. The downside is it was more expensive. Cost wise it was about as much as the Negate options I was looking at.