1U pfSense to replace ERPro8

I’m looking to install pfSense to replace my ERPro8. I am a fan of 1U equipment to keep the system looking tidy. I would like to ensure to have a 10G SFP+ capable board.
Would you recommend going with an off-the-shelf from the vendor, or if not, what would be a recommended approach to buy my own? Please note I’m in Ecuador and although the company is US based, I have fairly limited trips there unfortunately. My main switches are on 10G backbone between the 48 port Unifi switches, the other switch is on a 1G fiber link to keep the number of cables down a bit.
Thanks and looking forward to your responses :slightly_smiling_face: WW

I would go with a Supermicro board, or they also offer pre-assembled barebones where you just need to put in RAM, CPU (unless embedded) and storage. They have quite a few boards with dual Intel-based SFP+, and some with 10GbE RJ45. You should be able to find Supermicro in any country, but sometimes not all SKUs.

Thanks for your response. I’ll see what I can find plus what cost it ends up being.