1GB/10GB Switch Reccomendations

Hi Tom,
Hope you are safe and well in these times.
I have found your videos very informative; keep up the great work.
If you can assist me with a networking question it would be most appreciated.

I’m running a small LAN consisting of 2 ‘workstation’ IBM x3650 M4 servers (this will increase by another in a couple of months to 4 and probably 6 by the end of the year) as well as 5 standard PCs. They all work together processing photographic images (aerial survey work) with the data being stored on a FreeNAS server IBM x3550 M4 and an IBM EXP3512 Storage System.

The network is currently through a Cisco Catalyst 3560g-48ts with the FreeNAS system connected by a 4-channel LACP and is working well.

In the FreeNAS server I also have a Dell X540-T2 Dual port 10G PCI-Express Network Interface Card 0K7H46 (currently not connected) and was looking at getting a new switch that has some 10GB (ethernet) ports to connect to the FreeNAS server and possibly the servers in the future; although watching the dataflow it appears that no single server saturates its current 1GB connection although total throughput does exceed 2GB at times.

What switch would you recommend for this mixed 1GB/10GB environment? 16/24 ports should be sufficient.

Chris McLaughlin

My recommendation would be a used Cisco Nexus 5010 and then keep your C3560G for your 1G connectivity needs.