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I’m thinking of redoing my homelab’s network infra and have been wondering, is there actually any difference between those ip’s ranges?
I just guess looks better :innocent:


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Does not matter which RFC1918 network address you use, all down to your preference.

I would not use and as these are used by most generic routers and if you want to setup site to site vpn you will have issues.

/24 allows 254 devices on the network, where /8 only allows 16,777,214 hosts - stick with /24 networks


So maybe ?

It’s all private network so you can use any of it. will work.

I use for my main LAN, making my edge router Rationale? Type a hundred times, then type a hundred times and see how your hands feel afterward. :grin:

Yeah, I switched to, a lot better :wink:

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