1800mbs speed with 1gb port?

Hi all,

I have this question bothering me for a while and I simply cannot find an explanation for it anywhere, if you guys could please help.

I am looking into point to point links, and naturally would like something with decent bandwidth throughput.

There is done ubiquity equipment during radio link of 1800mbs yet only come with a gigabit port, how is this possible?

What’s the point of the wireless radios having an 1800mbs link speed if the Ethernet port will bottleneck it to 1gbs?

Thanks in advance if you can help me understand this.

What model are you looking at?

A lot of UBNT gear puts 1800Mbps on the package, but they mean 900M each way. At least that’s the way with their AirFiber gear.

@LTS_Tom I was looking at the ubiquity airfibre 60 - not the long range as I don’t need that kind of distance.

@Ponch when you say 900 each way, would that be simultaneously? If so isn’t that again using over a gigabit whereas the nic is only one gig.

If not simultaneously, then would that cause higher latency?


@Ess2k ,
It will cause higher latency.
" - Up to 1 Gbps with low latency"
is straight off of ui.com.

The Capacity is 1.8Gbps. …and that’s wireless capacity.

The maximum range is around 2km … unless it’s raining. =) Rain Fade is real, my friend.

On the upside, when the 60GHz stuff is working, it is rock solid! For a short, 1G shot, you can’t beat the price or reliability.

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