161 Workstations, 3 Servers

Hi all,
We’re currently bidding to get a MSP contract with a large commercial contractor in our area.
161 Workstations
3 Servers
250 365 Standard/Basic Email accounts

Our typical per workstation cost ranges from $175-125/workstation.
Includes offsite backup on every workstation, S1, Huntress, RMM, etc.
The scale of this quote is much larger than the typical SMBs we currently service (20-50 users).

This company is currently managed by another MSP, but after talking with their management team, they complain of additional costs whenever work needs to be performed by the MSP outside of automation. Their monthly contract cost is somewhere near ~11,000/month with that MSP.

At this scale, what is the lowest price this community would consider including all support requests (excluding build outs, new server config installs etc.)?

It depends on how many applications they have in use, how old their equipment is, how many printers they have, if on site is included, if they buy hardware from you, etc. If everything was best case scenario, I might go a little lower than your standard rate, but not much.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say the current MSP subscribes to the Robbin Robins school of pricing where you give them a low price knowing you’ll make an additional 40% on project work and site visits. If that were true, that would put them at around $15,400/month or ~ $95/workstation.

Perhaps you should consider a per man hour price for build outs, rack n stacks etc. and about $90 per WS, $110 per server. One of the MSPs I work with has a base of $55 / WS and $95/ per server Win on metal more for VMWare. This is in Baltimore.

I charge by the man hour with a deduced rate for a retainer plan that includes a set number of hours and overages billed at the reduced rate. Outside services by contractors are billed separately but are at rates agreed to.