14-dk0002dx HP ACPI

I’m new here sorry if I didn’t put this in the right topic

So I got a 14-dk0002dx HP laptop from bestbuy got home and was going to reload with Linux but came to find out it doesn’t see my hard drive and download a few different Linux and I did different version but here comes the funny part of this I try a copy of Linux mint 17.3 and it saw my nvme SSD but any other Linux version don’t see it so I recent download the Ubuntu 20.4 which before didn’t see my WiFi’s but now does but still no Linux I’ve found see my SSD besides 17.3 I’ve turn off my secure and set it to legacy try those steps and nothing I’ve reach out too HP and they won’t help me I’ve try updating my bios which therr was a update but didn’t fix this issue ! So for mean time I’ve keep it running win 10 which I’m. Not a big fan of really like to use Linux - I’ve done re search and see others had the same issue has something to do with ACPI but in my bios I can’t change it .

Maybe try swap the nvme out for a sata ssd, if there is space for one.