>125% CPU usage on Freenas

Iv got 2 FREENAS mini XL+ 1 in NY one in PA. recently loaded the PA with 1TB of date, With 1 snapshot a day.
Its been replicating for the last few days all day long to transfer that 1TB.
Yesterday I noticed it was spiking to 100% CPU about every min.
But today its reporting over 100% CPU.

Running FreeNAS 11.2 U7

If I recall correctly most UNIX systems report CPU usage based on how many cores the computer has. So a maxxed out dual core will report as 200% usage, a maxxed out quad core will report as 400% usage. I know that before upgrading my FreeNAS box my MineOS jail alone would constantly peg it at 200-300%. Now with a modern CPU my FreeNAS box is mostly idle.

I’m on U6 so my other graph looks a little different than yours:

Went to update to U7 and saw that the 11.3 train was available so now I’m updating to 11.3

The 11.3 CPU graph now shows the CPU % as a total of all threads. When the system is pegged it reports 100% for me.