11g Dell + XCP-ng?

Running into an issue installing XCP-ng on some older hardware. Specifically, a Dell R710 with a PERC 6/i controller. BIOS and Firmware are up to date.

I have 6x2TB HDDs configured for RAID-10, giving me 6TB of storage. XCP-ng will install fine, but it will not boot. Grub does not see the GPT partitions unless the VD is configured for 2TB or less.

I’m kind of at a loss. Why is the installer capable of partitioning while grub is incapable of booting? Unfortunately, the PERC 6/i does not allow for creating multiple virtual disks, so slapping a couple smaller drives for the OS isn’t an option.

Willing to look at replacing the controller, but not sure what I should be looking at.


Not sure why it’s not working, but another option would be to install XCP-NG on a bootable USB and just use the Dell Raid for storage.

What Tom said in his reply but one point Dell has an adapter for an SD card the plugs in to the internal USB port, An SD card is the better choice than a standard thumb drive. You can probably find one on Ebay or other supplier.

Check if you’re booting UEFI or BIOS, if I remember right, the UEFI implementation on 11th and 12th gen Dells is pretty meh.

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