10Gtek 10gbps pcie cards for Truenas?

Anyone using any 10Gtek 10 gigabit SFP+ cards with Truenas? I’m having some problems with some old X520 based cards and wanting to upgrade to the 10Gtek X710-10G-2S-X8 cards, big difference is the PCIe 3.0 on the newer cards.

My old x520 have probably been running for 10 years in various stuff, they were definitely used when I put them in my servers. Money is an object here, else I wouldn’t be looking at 10Gtek, I’d just buy a new Intel card direct from Intel.

Also any issues with the 10Gtek SFP+ MM SR fiber modules? I’m going to need some new modules to go with the cards.

(edit) removed 25gbps questions, out of the budget

Not 10GTek, but I have bought these and they worked fine.

Thanks, about the same price as the 10Gtek but the referral gives it a better shot of being purchased.

I do have a couple 10Gtek modules that seem to work OK, but I’ve never tried to stress test them. A couple MM fiber and a 10gbe twisted pair module. I do have some DAC cables too, but mixed luck in my lab system, better in my production system (lab went back to MM fiber).

So far, so good on the 10Gtek cards and modules. I only have 1 in service so far but it seems to be working fast enough to saturate the 8 disks in the NAS. I can’t properly test (by moving real data) if it will get close to 10gbps so not sure of the ultimate speed.

Probably going to buy a 10Gtek i350 card for a new firewall build, hopefully that will work fine as well.