10Gtek 10gbps pcie cards for Truenas?

Anyone using any 10Gtek 10 gigabit SFP+ cards with Truenas? I’m having some problems with some old X520 based cards and wanting to upgrade to the 10Gtek X710-10G-2S-X8 cards, big difference is the PCIe 3.0 on the newer cards.

My old x520 have probably been running for 10 years in various stuff, they were definitely used when I put them in my servers. Money is an object here, else I wouldn’t be looking at 10Gtek, I’d just buy a new Intel card direct from Intel.

Also any issues with the 10Gtek SFP+ MM SR fiber modules? I’m going to need some new modules to go with the cards.

(edit) removed 25gbps questions, out of the budget

Not 10GTek, but I have bought these and they worked fine.

Thanks, about the same price as the 10Gtek but the referral gives it a better shot of being purchased.

I do have a couple 10Gtek modules that seem to work OK, but I’ve never tried to stress test them. A couple MM fiber and a 10gbe twisted pair module. I do have some DAC cables too, but mixed luck in my lab system, better in my production system (lab went back to MM fiber).