10gbps fiber for customers (previously 1gbps)

Hi everyone,

Here’s some news. Apparently, I will have my subscription upgraded from 1gbps to 10gbps once I get back to Romania for vacation.

That’s about $12 a month. It’s about $7 for 1gbps.
Never had the issues before and I have the 1gbps bandwidth since 2012. 100mbps before '12.

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Wow… I’m jealous in London I’m on 60mbps, the costs are terrible. Now that’s future proofing.

Wow that is a well run company, both engineering and business sense. To many MBAs running US carriers.

I was recently quoted $1K/USD for 10G Internet

It’s whatever they can get with the help of the Swamp Rats or is it the crazy outhouse rats. Way to much politics involved in the communications industry, old habits from the days of regulated monopolies die hard.