10Gbe RJ45 Switch with 24+ Ports Recommendations

Hello! I’m currently looking around for a 10Gbe switch for my company. It needs to have 10G RJ45 ports as the current servers only supports 10G RJ45 ports at the moment. 24+ ports minimum, VLAN capable, and ideally an easy to use management GUI.

Hopefully someone here have some recommendations or can point me to some switch options. No Netgear switches due to us having really bad luck and bad experience with them so far.


Price range? I suspect something with 24 x 10GbE RJ45 seems rather “rarefied”…

Hi, DIllion,

FS (fs.com) has some of the best known Data Center 10GB - 40 Gb material. Take a look you will be surprised.

Not sure I have seen a switch that offers that many RJ45 ports at 10GB. Most servers connect via SFP+ using fiber or DAC.

Budget is pretty flexible, but hoping to look for something under $2500, as that’s the price of Cisco SX350X-24 on Amazon at the moment.

The current servers we have all have 10Gbe RJ45 ports onboard. Adding a PCIe SFP+ card to the servers is an option, but I feel that the cost of getting 2+ ports (link aggregation) SFP+ PCIe cards for each of the servers (4 servers total), along with the cables and SFP+ switch, might end up costing more than a single 24+ port RJ45 10G switch.

I’ve never seen something exactly like what you’re looking for. When I moved my Server Shed to 10G stuff I did have some RJ45 servers alongside the new stuff. I was able to use some 10G SFP+ RJ45 transceivers for the ethernet servers.


I wish you the best in your quest!