10Gbe PCIe Card for RS1221+

Hi Folks - Season’s Greeting eveyone!

I’m looking for a cheap 10GBe SFP+ dual port PCIe card for my RS 1221+. Something cheaper than the Synology cards. This is for my home lab so Synology support isn’t needed.


They have a list here and the Intel ones listed can usually be found for a reasonable price.

Thanks Tom. I checked the list. What I’m looking for is an “off label” card that is cheaper than the Synology Comparability List.

Something like a “previously loved” Mellanox, Intel, etc. card.

As Tom said, check that list for what would work and look for used models.

The venerable intel X520-DA2 is on that list and can be had new for ~$200 or used for under $100

You don’t want to go “off label” with something like Synology, you may find yourself without driver support and unable to add new drivers in. Usually Linux is pretty good, but given how many easily had cards are on that list, there’s no reason to go off script.

@gsrfan01 - Thanks! That is what I was looking for. I should have been more specific on the chip set that worked.