10Gbe Network Card

Hi all. I’m in the course of designing my home lab. I’m wanting to put a 10Gbe network card in my Dell R720 Server. I could be mishearing/miss understanding, but I thought Tom recommended a 10Gbe Network Card.

This is for Truenas. Additionally I want to grab another Rackmount Server for PF Sense.

If I missunderstood any points then I will appologise at the outset.

Yes, the Intel x520-da2 or x520-da1 are both good 10G cards that you can find at a reasonable price.

Most rack mount servers are way overkill for pfSense. There are the Dell R200 systems and Supermicro has some you might find on the refurb market. Whatever you find do not virtualize pfSense facing the internet for internal experimentation is ok, see Tom’s videos.

Thank you all for your replies, its very much appreciated. Is there any 4 Port 10G Over Ethernet. Sorry, thats entirely on me for not being specific.