10g subnet with pfSence 3100 and MikroTik

I’m not sure how to ask this question so my terminology might be a bit off.

I have a pfSense 3100 router and a MikroTik 10g switch (set to switch-only mode routerOS is turned off).

I am noticing that my network speed between the two devices on the 10g switch is being limited by the PpfSense router.

Is there a way to allow the 10g devices to talk directly with each other via the MikroTik, while still allowing the PpfSense router to manage the web traffic and VPN?

If so, what is what I am asking called?

After watching Tom’s video on switching and running iperf3 I now know that I am getting 10g and the router is not getting involved.

Hope this helps others

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