10G sfp+ to 1G sfp Split fibre OM3 cable


i have 2 TPlink 24 port POE L2+ switches
1- has 4 10G SFP+ ports + 24 RJ45 1G ports
2- has 4 1G SFP Ports + 24 RJ45 1G ports

I want to have a OM3 multimode fibre cable with one end going to 10G SFP port and other end split into 4 and going to 4 SFP ports@1Gbps. will attach transreceivers on both ends, then aggregate all four 1G ports to get a 4Gbps uplink to first switch.

This is all in theory, i just want to confirm will this contrapaction work??

You can not do want you want, you can not split one fibre cable into 4 at one end.

You can connect the 4 10GB (will work at 1GB) ports to the 4 1GB ports, and lagg them together to give you 4GB

Use DAC cables if the switches are close together and not fibre

i would like to differ from this statement.
check this link for 40G SFP to 10G SFP splitter DAC
digi-key link

so basically if i have a fibre cable like this without the transreceivers attached, i can connect 10G and 1G transreceivers and get it working

That cable is QSFP, not SFP+. They are different form factors so it will not fit in a 10 gig SFP port.