10G PoE injector?

I’m upgrading my home networking system to support potentially > 1 Gbps Google Fiber, currently (with 1Gbps service) my Fiber Jack is powered via a Unifi PoE Injector that came with my Unifi AP-AC-Pro as it seemed to work from my existing USG.

As Google Fiber has started to roll out > 1 Gbps service, I wanted to be able to be prepared for that with my networking capabilities. Since I want to keep with Ubiquiti/Unifi, I’ve updated to a UDM Pro so that I could leverage a SFP+ 10Gbps connector with the CAT6a cable that I already have run to my fiber jack from my networking cabinet.

My question is, do I need a 10gbps-capable PoE injector in order to support having 10gbps-capable input from my fiber jack (mine does not have an external power port) or am I kind of in a stuck situation here being limited with a PoE injector that’s currently (potentially) limited to 1 Gbps? If I need a 10 Gbps PoE injector, do those exist? and are there injectors that are suggested?

I can’t add much, but your “do those exist” question got me curious and I found this: PT-PSE104GB-60-10 10GbE 60W PoE Injector

So, yeah, they do exist but $60 (yow!) seems a bit of overkill. It says it’s af/at, but that 60w output is more in the bt range.