10g network upgrade - plan discussion

Hello, experts.

After watching quite a few YouTube videos from our common superstar, Lawrence, I finally decided to join the forums and ask for opinions about a planned 10g network upgrade for my home.

I took the liberty of drawing a Mind Map in FreeMind with what I already have and how I plan to proceed with the upgrade. Currently, the house is not wired at all, except for the router (Ubiquiti ERPoE 5) being in the attic and an Access Point (Ubiquiti AP AC Pro) linked to it.

The plan is outlined below, in the screenshot. I will move the ISP Optic Fiber to the Garage, where most hardware is, and I plan to place an Ubiquiti USW-AGGREGATION in the attic. One problem, though, I have two devices which need to run from there, and they are both PoE-powered (the AP and a surveillance camera), with one more camera soon to be installed. I will need a way to power those. Another problem is the attic becomes HOT during summer (up to 50 degrees Celsius ambient). I could install a couple 200mm fans to have air circulation in an enclosure, but that would still not go below ambient, obviously. Not sure if the USW-AGGREGATION would like being in those ambient temperatures.

At any rate, please take a look at the layout below.

  1. Question marks: How should I do it?
  2. Warning signs: I plan to buy that, but I am not sure, maybe there is a better alternative?
  3. Idea lightbulbs: Not purchased yet, but I know what to buy and how to connect it.

Note: “Internet 1” means 1st (main) ISP. I have two ISPs, only one is active right now, the other one, well, I’ll have to ask about doing a failover for it as well. But that’s another story.

The Mind Map is going to be updated and displayed with a new version in replies below, as you provide advice.

Thank you in advance for your responses!

  • don’t put a switch in a 50 degrees Celsius ambient location as it will probably die
  • You can use POE injectors or get another smaller POE switch that can power the devices

Thank you for your response.

The ERPoE5 successfully survived two summers in that same attic, powering the surveillance camera as well as the AP AC Pro. This would be its third, if I won’t be able to move it until then.
The attic is pretty much the only place I would be able to place the USW-AGGREGATION without having to mess up quite a few walls (and use a much thicker bundle of wiring), which increases cost exponentially. Wondering if there’s some sort of cabinet cooling solution out there…

Any advice about the Mikrotik switches that I plan to buy and install in each room? Would there be something better? I heard that SWoS is kind of unmaintained.
Each switch should have 2x SFP+ ports and at least 5x RJ45 ports, no PoE is required.

I would advise against purchasing the MikroTik 5-Port Desktop Switch, as it tends to overheat significantly. Instead, consider the MikroTik 9-Port version which, at the moment, is priced around $260.

These are the switches I am talking about: CSS610-8P-2S+IN.
I’m not sure what the 5-port version or the 9-port version switches are, the one I have mentioned has 8x 1g RJ45 ports and 2x SFP+ 10g ports, for a total of 10 ports.

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FWIW, I will get rid of everything from the attic and route a bundle of cables through an external house wall, cost be darned. Each room will have its own 10g OM3 optic fiber. Backup connectivity via Wireless AP (two separate ISPs).