10-port (8x RJ45, 2x SFP) PoE+ Managed switches?

I’m looking for a cheap, managed, PoE+ 10-port switch for my home network. Some requirements:

  • Some devices draw more than 15W at max power, so I need PoE+ (not PoE). Shouldn’t need more than 50W total.
  • 8x Ethernet connections (only 4 need to be PoE+, but all 8 would be nice)
  • 2x SFP (or SFP+) connections
  • HTTPS, web-based interface preferred, don’t need remote/cloud management

Right now I’m looking at Netgear’s GS110TPv3 and GS310TP, though I can’t tell what the difference is between the two. It seems like the 110 has more features than the 310, but it’s also cheaper and I’m not sure why.

Does anyone have experience with these, or alternate suggestions?