10 GBe network card

Hey guys, I’m looking for SFP+ card, The Chelsio NetApp Dual Port SFP+ 10GBE card is no longer available on Amazon. Any other cards recommended on the same price 20-30 bucks price range?

Preferably on Amazon, as it ships to me… thanks !

You can try Mellanox connectx-3 and connectx-2, but those are only single port cards.

I have had good luck with these cards. I have three of them running with XCP-NG and FreeNAS.


If you can eBay is your friend. Are you in an odd area to only get Amazon?

Well, Amazon has decent rates to ship it to me, and clear all the import formalities. Anything else would require me to clear it and deal with the HS Code etc., hence why I prefer them.

Gotcha, If you dont mind me asking where are you (generally) located? I almost always use ebay. Especially if im not in a rush as amazon always has Tax, and when you have a 2k cart I’ve paid something like $250 just in tax.

I’m in Dubai, UAE. But anything shipped to India or to Dubai will generally reach me since I have lots of stuff going back and forth there.

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There are Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards that are 2-port 10Gbit, for instance: https://store.mellanox.com/products/mellanox-mcx312a-xcbt-connectx-3-en-network-interface-card-10gbe-dual-port-sfp-pcie3-0-x8-8gt-s-rohs-r6.html . Can find them used on Ebay for $50-70. If you get the Dell or IBM OEM version, you can often find it at a low price.