1 minute to Login / Refresh pfSense GUI

When I login to pfSense (wired connection) it takes over a minute to get to the homepage, if I refresh the homepage it also takes over a minute. When I navigate to any other page in pfSense and refresh, it takes a couple of seconds.

Any ideas what might be causing this ?

On my network I have a LAN which I don’t really use, have several vlans, some exit via my VPN using DNS Resolver, the others exit via the ISP using DNS Forwarder.

Browsing the internet is snappy, overall performance is ok.

When I access pfSense I use the IP address.

pfSense is the latest v2.5.2.

I’ve also suddenly had my NTP have No active peers available, though I don’t think this is related.

I have a second network (running v2.4.5) which has a similar setup, that one takes about 20 seconds to refresh over a VPN connection.

When I inspect Status >> DNS Resolver there are no entries, on my 2nd network I see plenty of entries. When I inspect the DNS Resolver config they are both identical.

I’m thinking it’s a config error but I can’t suss it out.

I experienced this myself a couple of times. Though I did never confirm it, I suspect that in my case it was due to the fact that there was no internet connection at the time of loading the dashboard. Maybe it has to do with one of the dashboard widgets that blocks the page from rendering until the internal request that it performs times out.

The only times I’ve seen this were when I had no connection on the WAN, not sure why not not always.

@paolo yeah it’s the Firewall Logs widget, only showing 5 lines but once it’s removed the homepage GUI refreshes in a few seconds.

Thanks, I’ll keep this in mind.

Do you have the firewall logs widget?

yes, when I removed it from the dashboard it refreshed normally.