0HM9JY Quard Port PCI-E NIC

Is there a way to check for firmware updates for my 0HM9JY Quard Port PCI-E NIC in my custom pfsense box?

You might have to boot the system into another OS for that

Do you think its necessary for security sake? Is this something that you do for best practices when building a custom pfsense box and adding these card from amazon or eBay used etc?

We rarely custom build and most often buy the Netgate hardware. For firmware, we make sure things are updated during install. While not likely, there have been firmware attacks. The only one that I have ever heard of is the “Jedi Packet Trick” that targeted very specific Broadcom chips that had a feature turned on that allowed them to accept packets that pushed into into memory. It is a really specific edge case and more of an academic hacking exercise than a real world threat.

Ok I got you on this. It just came to me after watching your last talk about custom pfsense builds using the correct Intel card then thinking that the firmware of these Intel cards must need a update, being new to all of this I don’t won’t to make my network vulnerable to attack because I didn’t update the firmware and you didn’t mention the possible need to do say. Still learning and thank you my teacher Tom for all your hard work and patience with us new home folks.

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