Your GitHub page link from YouTube is outdated?

Hey Tom,

I went to look at your dotfiles on your GitHub page and it is showing a 404 not found. I got there from your YouTube description link.

Then I looked at my fork of your dotfiles and realized your GitHub page is now lawrencesystems (Lawrence Systems) · GitHub

So you might want to update your YouTube link for GitHub in the description of your videos?

Thanks for all you do for the community!


Hmm thought it did update. I will have to run through the updater again. Thanks!

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It’s super minor but the link to your website on your GitHub profile starts with http instead of https. In normal operation, you would just be redirected to the https version but a MITM attack could prevent the connection being upgraded to HTTPS. Not, that this attack would compromise anything.
Sorry, I originally posted this in the wrong thread. I had two open at once and didn’t realise I was on the wrong one.

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You’re welcome! Happy to help. :]