You Own It You PWN IT! Defend Your Right to Repair!

Spot on!

It’s important to raise awareness on this. One point that I would add to the arguments is the environmental footprint. Loosing the ability to repair outside vendors and the oligopoly around it could easily lead to high prices for repair, as you mentioned, forcing people to throw away devices/machines that are otherwise affordably serviceable.

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I don’t understand for one why this keeps happening. Analogous to your story on tractors, legislation was passed along time ago you could take your car to an outside repair facility (ie not the dealership) for repairs and your warranty would still be valid. I’m not sure how case law like this doesn’t apply to phones or technology. It’s similar.


This is my first time posting so forgive me if it is wrong in some way. I just began studying for my Comptia Security+ when I watched this video. I didn’t know Comptia was this type of company. I already passed the A+ and Net+. My question is what do I do? Should I study for another security standard? Are the Microsoft certs any better? Or am I trading one evil for another?

Don’t overthink it, sometimes the world is not as simple as choosing one or another. Seeing as so many companies still require it to get a job in the field it may be necessary to deal with them.

As far as certs are concerned in the field, to me it shows you at least have an understanding of the issues at hand. Does it mean someone without certification doesn’t know what they’re doing? Of course not. Personally I hold my CompTIA A+. I do think their requirements for renewal these days are in excess but that’s beside the point, especially for something like the basics A+, Net+, or Sec+. All certification does besides make certification companies money, is show employers/consumers that you have been recognized as someone who knows what they’re doing. As far as you own it, you PWN it, I fully agree. If you own something it is your right to take it to where ever or whomever you choose to work on it.

Honestly, I think certification for manufacturer warrantied work certification is a necessity to avoid issues of multiple returns on items needing to be repaired because a “tech” didn’t do it the way it was supposed to be done and caused an issue with the device. By companies certifying technicians, it protects them and the consumer. Certification should be free for manufacturers but a test should be required and on a per manufacturer basis. Again to protect the consumer.

Now out of warranty repairs more power to you. Take them anywhere.

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