XOA OVA import fails

Anyone have any issues importing a large ova? By large I mean 80gb. Seems to stop around 7% with no errors in any logs that I can find. Wondering if I can copy it to local SR and import via cli?

Try this

Thanks Tom, was able to import the ova, but had some major filesystem issues. Decided to try to rebuild it from scratch, now I’m seeing this when attempting to start the new vm…
“message”: “NO_HOSTS_AVAILABLE()”,
“name”: “XapiError”,
“stack”: "XapiError: NO_HOSTS_AVAILABLE()

I have 27gb of ram free, plenty of disk space.

After what feels like forever I’ve figured out the issue…it was due to my iso directory not being accessible, for whatever reason. That error message is a little misleading, or maybe I’m just a n00b. Anyway recreating the iso SR fixed it.