XOA Backup to Wasabi timing out?

So I had to move some things withing the business around, however we have setup a new XCP-NG cluster and are very happy to be back hosting our own stuff! Absolutely wrapped that XOA now supports S3 as a backup repo. I’ve added Wasabi as an S3 repo, and XOA verifies it can access it. Win. Now the problem. When running a backup to Wasabi, I get an error that its timed out:

Duration: 16 minutes
Error: Connection timed out after 120000ms

Now, looking online, it seems this is not XOA specific, but an S3 issue potentially in that there is a timeout on session length. Weird given Wasabi is designed for mass storage!

Anyone have this issue or able to point me in the right direction?

Would very much love to get Wasabi working!


I have not tried the S3 backups, I would suggest posting in their forums https://xcp-ng.org/forum/

Ive since shipped the backups locally to a Synology nas as it’s good to have a readily available copy of the backups and have the Nas sync to Wasabi without issue. S3 is still beta on xcp-ng so I can only assume they’ll resolve it in the near future.

Btw Tom, you using pop os or parrot as a daily these days? Cheers