XenServer/XCP-NG Gave me a dreaded error I can't fix

I have pinned it down to the usb drive is either failing or has failed. However I’m trying to re-attach the storage to the fresh install and I’m not getting anywhere. HELP!

The setup is as follows:
2 Dell Servers R530’s
Both installed with XenServer 7.1.
The server affected is my actual backup server
I see the scsi and it’s not affected.
The XenServer hypervisor is installed to a USB 3 drive. That drive is possibly dead, no biggie. I purchased a new one installed same hypervisor (and even attempted latest release 8.0 to no avail)
The storage is on a RAID 10

Basically I’m stuck at the command line. I have followed this to the letter except wiping the drive with the gdisk command. Not sure why they included that.

Was the raid 10 configured in the Dell system or by XCP-NG?

Hey Tom hope all is well. It was configured by the Dell hardware not the SW Raid from XCP-NG. I ended up having 1 mistake, when I added the XOA appliance and tried to attach it it wiped the data -_-

Never will do that again, felt it should have posted a message for the condition.