Xen hypervisor on linux

So I’m looking into a new virtualization method purely for fun, it appears that it is possible to simply install xen on an existing linux install, existing linux would then become dom0/control vm. This appeals to me because I could keep my existing linux install and virtualize whatever else, also, I would have a gui and not a headless server(like xcp-ng). Having gui saves me having to have two machines booted just to run one. Xen on linux isn’t super popular from what I’ve seen around the web, and the people over at r/homelab basically dismissed it outright. I already run my vms on linux with KVM/Virt-Manager, but this would be a fun project and is potentially more secure as xen controls drivers etc. Correct me if I’m wrong here.
Anyone that has experience with this please let me know.
Another question: is it possible to run XCP-NG with a desktop environment on the host, so as not to have two computers booted to use one?

It depends on the Linux distribution you are using. For instance if you are using OpenSUSE, you can install the Xen packages from the standard repositories. This is probably true for other distributions.

I used to run SLES with XEN and a desktop environment. When installing, I had to choose whether I wanted to use XEN or KVM. Installing both XEN and KVM was not possible from the installer - whether this was because of a technical problem, I do not know. The result was a server with two kernels, a regular kernel and a XEN specific kernel. At boot I had to chose which kernel to boot.

I actually just installed the openSUSE and xen combo yesterday. I think it’s phenomenal, loving openSUSE. I was able to install kvm on the openSUSE as well as xen, logically KVM is only usable if not booted on top of xen. This method of using xen and openSUSE doesn’t get enough attention around the web, IMO.
In hindsight would have been better for me to start with this combo than jumping straight into Proxmox or other full featured/complicated virtualization tech.