XCPNG v8.0 Chelsio T320 Help

I am at my wits end of playing with drivers that don’t work etc. I first bought a HP NC523SFP for my HP Proliant DL380p (TLDR: this server gets noisy when it doesn’t HP cards in it). Tried that out found out the Drivers can be wonky I guess. Said screw it and ordered a cheap chelsio T320 still no avail can see it after doing a “lspci” but does not show up with a “ifconfig -a” let alone in Xen Orchestra.

For best compatibility use the Intel cards, but if it is not showing up sounds like a hardware issues. For testing, you would try another Linux distro and see if it detects the card.

Thanks so much. I will try booting into ubuntu server tomorrow and report.

Side Note: Thank you for making great videos. I have learned so much from your videos. Subscriber for about 2-3 years.

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Card tested and worked fine in Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS even showed up during installation without the need to add drivers. Going to assume its a driver issue with the card being older and the newer version of XCPNG. Any recommendations on cheaper eBay intel NICS that work with XCPNG 8.0? Intel X520? Downgrade to XCPNG 7.6? VM compatibility?

That I know of they did not remove drivers in the new version. Try reloading XCP-NG.

Reloaded XCP-NG and the cards showed right up. Thank you for your help.