XCPNG Migration from Vmware (homelab)

I have been running esxi for almost two years and been happy with it and it has worked but now that i hear that they might be going subscription based screw that. If I migrate do i have to recreate my windows domain controllers and all my certificates or can i transplant them in? also does anyone know if powerchute network shutdown works with Xen Server?

You can clone the VM and restore it to XCP. Clonezilla or Relax and Recover will do the job. I made a video moving KVM virtual machines to XCP and ESXI using Relax and Recover. It creates an ISO that you can install from.

There is no native UPS support but you can use tools such as NUT to automate shutdown.

I also found out that i dont need to use nut apc has a tool called apcupsd that would work too i installing like cron through the command line right on the xcnpg and it would work