Xcpng hardware configs

Been using XCP-NG for a while now and have have a few different setups as far as hardware goes. And a question keeps coming up.

Does it make sense to split off the hypervisor and vm storage as far as hard drives are concerned? Are there pros/cons to having things setup in one big storage pool? (Running the hypervisor and vm storage on the same volume) or should there always be separate volumes for os and vm storage?

When you install XCP-NG to a system with a single drive, it will do the split. Best solution is to install important data OS or VM to a raid array for reliability.

Yeah most of the installs we’ve done have been to at least raid1 arrays (not a whole lot going on with those). Or smaller raid10’s just wasn’t sure if there was some performance hits if everything lived on the same virtual disk. Not sure why there would be.