XCP-NG, XEN Orchestra direct connect to FreeNAS conflicts

I feel like an absolute noob. I fought for hours last night trying to figure out why I was getting extreme packet loss between FreeNAS and XO preventing me from mapping an ISO SR. I was thinking it was my cheap SolarFlare cards when in fact they work perfectly fine. Come to find out, it’s because my XCP-NG host was sharing the same IP as XO. Now that I know the problem, I’m having a hard time trying to decide the best way to resolve it. I’m thinking virtual switch? Here’s my setup:

Dell R710
XCP-NG 8.1
Solarflare SFC9020 Dual SFP+ 10gig direct connect to FreeNAS
IP address

FreeNAS Server
Solarflare SFC9020 Dual SFP+ 10gig direct connect to XCP-NG
IP address

XO from sources as a VM on XCP-ng
Under networks: Dot 100 network ( & FreeNAS Network ( <-the prob

The host needs access to the direct connect to freeNAS but so does XO for backups and ISO SR. My mind couldn’t separate the host from XO thinking that they were just one and XO tells the host to map the shares. I know now this isn’t the case. Any recommendations on solving this? I see tom had an almost identical setup but I re-watched all the videos and he never clicks on the tab I need to see. lol

XO and XCP-NG just need to be on the same network.

Why not expand the network to a /29 or just a /24, then add a 2nd interface to the XO VM and let it talk directly to FreeNAS on that network?