Xcp-ng Virtual network


I would like to create a virtual xcp-ng network dedicated to database communication between my 3 hosts. and also create a separate lab to mess about.
Could anyone please tell me how to do that?
Do I have to select a ‘physical’ NIC Interface or can I leave it blank?
So far I selected ‘Private network’ nas I am not sure what to choose for Encapsulation.

Have you made a youtube video about private network in xcp-ng?

I don’t have a video on cross host private network, but it can be done https://xen-orchestra.com/docs/sdn_controller.html

Another option would be to create an adapter attached to a VLAN that is only for pool.


do I HAVE to attache the rivate network to a physical network card?
All my NICs are in used.


There is an option to create the network as which will allow communication between VMs once a static IP is set on the VM. IP has to be manually set unless you attach a DHCP server to the internal network. External communication won’t occur unless you attach a VM running pfSense or something similar to that network.

I needed very basic functionality so that’s how I did it.