XCP-NG up and running - No question, just happy

Hi everyone,

Just very happy and in the middle of all this bad stuff going around the world, I would like to thank everyone here and especially Tom, for all the knowledge in this forum and on YouTube.

So far, I have XCP-NG up and running. I also have Xen Orchestra - did that by importing the VM mentioned on the Git-page.

I have my first VM up and discovered a couple of things.

First I tried installing guest tools by installing from the Debian repositories. It could not be found.

Then I tried doing it by adding it from the included “CD”. I did that while being logged in with my login and su (my VM is a minimal Debian 10). That gave me a couple of errors.

So instead, I logged in as root from the console in XO and issued the same commands there. Pronto. It installed fine. I now have the Debian logo next to the VM name.

I also discovered that there seems to be good work going on to clean up the repositories. So this will hopefully soon be a trivial thing.

So I am now on to install Nginx Reverse Proxy Manager. As that one is distributed as a Docker image, I have new things to tinker with :smiley:

Have a great week and please stay safe!


Just wanted to echo your statements. Tom’s videos about XCP and XO helped convince me to migrate a small private school’s few VMs from HyperV to XCP. It was a challenge, since I had to re-use the existing hosts, but both the hosts and the guests are all running so much better. I have no regrets with the migration.

I also re-purposed an old Barracuda backup appliance (subscription long since expired) to install Ubuntu Server and Xen Orchestra. I wanted a separate box to manage that, since I went ahead and compiled the open source version of XO with SSL. I know, it’s a production environment, but I’m fine with managing it myself, and it’s been very solid.

So thank you, Tom, for demonstrating how you and some of your larger clients are using XCP successfully. I’ve shared your video comparing XCP / XO and VMware to others who have asked me why I chose this solution.