XCP-ng Selecting a default network for continuous replication

Tom, your xcp-ng videos are fantastic.

I have setup two Dell R720s. Both connect to the main subnet over 1G ethernet. The servers are directly connected to each other over a 10G DAC cable. The servers can reach each other over either the 1G or 10G connections.

My question is: when setting up continuous replication, how do you specify that the backup uses the 10G connection?

You would need Xen Orchesta to be using the interface with the 10G to talk to each of the servers.

Are you saying the management network should be set to the 10G NIC? Does this work if the 10G “network” is only a single cable between servers?

I have tried using the 10G as the management network and am able to connect to the servers over the 1G connection still in xcp-ng center, but the consoles do not work on the VMs anymore.

Hmm, as far as I know Xen Orchestra only uses the management interface for transfers.

Alright. Thanks Tom.

I’ll let you know what I find out.