XCP-ng refuses to boot with Chelsio NICs

Hey, all. I decided to take the weekend to re-rack my homelab and I figured while I was taking the outage, I’d take care of a number of other pending updates and other items including updating to XCP-ng 8.0 and installing my 10Gb Chesio CC2-N320E-SR NICs. Unfortunately, XCP-ng / Linux refuses to fully boot when the card is installed. The most relevant looking output appears to be:

[     21.984535]  pcieport 0000:80:01.0:    PCIe Bus Error: severity=Uncorrected (Non-Fatal), type=Trasaction Layer, (Requester ID)
[     21.984537]  pcieport 0000:80:01.0:    device [8086:6f02] error status/mask=000
[     21.984539]  pcieport 0000:80:01.0:    [14] CmpltTO

I’ve done all the typical troubleshooting steps (re-seat the card, try a different pcie slot, etc) and while I’ve got a few things I can try yet, I thought I’d check here before going down the rabbit hole of having to compile the tool to flash the NIC with the newest available firmware.

Pulled the card I had in my desktop and dropped it into the XCP-ng host and it booted fine. Still unclear if it’s a physical problem with the card or not, but I’m going to guess it’s an issue with the version of firmware flashed onto it given the fact that it was fully recognized up until Linux was booting.

Normally I’d just delete a post when I self-resolve a problem, but googling didn’t lead me down this path, so I’ll leave this up in case others are having a similar issue.

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