Xcp-ng & pfSense & VLAN's

I’m running pfSense as a virtual machine on xcp-ng. I have two 10gb NIC’s one is dedicated to WAN and the other is dedicated to LAN. I set up my pfSense virtual machine and installed pfSense and added a few VLAN networks. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get other VM’s on teh same xcp-ng host to connct to those new VLANS I crated on the pfSense server.

I built a new virtual machine to test and gave it a VIF with one of the VLANS tagged that is connected to the LAN NIC and then gave the new virtual machine an static IP on the same VLAN that my VIF is on. My question is, how do I route that traffic to and from the pfSense box? I guess I could create a VIF for each VLAN on the pfSense server but xcp-ng doesn’t allow many VIF’s to be created and I need to save them for a few additional WAN’s that I’m going to be adding.

xcp-ng Host


Test Virtual Machine (Windows 10)

I create an interface for each VLAN.

Yeah was trying to avoid that as I need the VIF’s for other WAN connections.
Okay, well thanks for your reply & help!

Well, you can create all the VLANs under your 10G LAN NIC. Just create a new interface under your LAN NIC and add the VLANID

I tried that but there is no connectivity.