Xcp-ng networking rouge DHCP

I have just started to play with xcp-ng. hardware
USG pro
Unifi 24 port Non POE
xcp-ng server with 2 NIC’s

what I am trying to setup is a dumby LAN called LAN 150 lets say so deos not touch any other LAN’s
and 1 of the NIC’s is connected as a WAN.
I have PFsense connected to both, sending DHCP on LAN 150, receiving WAN from WAN
the a VM attached to LAN 150 getting a IP from PFSense.

So the weird thing is that in my unifi controler I am getting a alert saying that there is a rouge DHCP server on the unifi switch. Which I am assuming it is talking about LAN 150 as that is the only other DHCP on my network. but from my understanding is that it’s not connected to anything so how is the unifi seeing the DHCP.

Thanks in advance

I would guess that you have DHCP turned on USG Pro

Yes that is correct I am trying to make a separate network that only the server on the LAN 150 see’s and nothing else. so the PFsense has a seperate WAN and a Private LAN 150 with no NIC attached.