XCP-NG Migration Question

I’ve been watching your videos on XCP-ng and have been strongly considering moving from my VMUG Advantage Vsphere install. I have 2x supermicro machines, 1x amd epyc 3000 and 1x intel xeon d2100 mini-itx box. Due to the instruction set differences, vSphere won’t migrate from one node to another. I have a hard time getting it to move them at all even if it’s a cold migration.

I would like to see if you have had any experience with XCP-ng and migrating a vm from an intel cpu to and amd cpu, even if it’s a cold migration (I’m not looking for a silver bullet / live migration). Another issue I have one of the VMs is my Pi-Hole DNS which has the hosts names so during a migration all of VMware services go down and migration fails for that VM.

At some point I may migrate away from my Pi-hole VM and run pfblocker-ng on my XG-7100 but I’m not there yet.


Live migration between different processors mostly does not work, but cold migration works fine.

@LTS_Tom, thanks for the quick response.

That’s all I can expect from different processors, is the cold migration process “automated”? Can I just click a button and have XCP-ng shutdown the vm, move it and then start it?

iirc unless you script it you’ll need to manually shutdown the VM, hit the move button then start it up again. I’ve had similar issues when moving between different intel processors.

@ssheridan, maybe I post over at XCP-ng forums and see if would be possible to have an automated cold migration function put in.


Everything in XCP-NG can be scripted from the command line.

That’s good to hear, will have to see if I can script it and then put it into the XOA gui.

@cyrus104 You should have more than one DNS server so that if you bring one down your DNS does not go offline.