XCP-NG local raid?

I have an 8 core xeon I installed xcp-ng on. Installed xcp to an ssd boot drive and I have 2 2tb hdds setup as a mirrored raid. I’d like to use the raid to hold my VM’s. I don’t see any options for using a local raid, only options for when using XCP with a nas. Is this even possible?

@icepuck There is support for ZFS in xcp-ng but at this point it is marked as experimental so use at your own risk. ZFS I belive in xcp-ng is installed as a user space file system as can be done with most Linux systems. Doesn’t have all the features as on FreeBSD (xcp-ng is based on Centos) to install at the kernel level requires jumping through hoops and compiling from source.

Someone has a write up here o reddit for how they have their raid setup that might be helpful

Thanks for the link.