XCP-NG Hardware

Hardware recommendations for testing a XCP-NG deployment, preferably refurbished (Cost Savings).

Looking at consolidating a few onsite servers to virtual machines to improve reliability. Currently have a camera system, UniFi, UNMS, File server, signage server, & back up server.

So maybe a couple of virtual machine hosts and either a single or redundant storage servers (possibly looking at True-Nas), or maybe a disk shelf attached to the server?

Go with Dell Servers for XCP-NG and SuperMicro for TrueNAS. Ebay is the cheapest place to get these, https://www.techsupplydirect.com/ is another place if you want something that has been tested with warranty. Also, you can use OfferCode LTSERVICES to get 10% off your order if you do buy from them.

I would go with Supermicro for everything as first choice.

When you say testing, is there a chance to put that system into production or is it always going to be a testing system? There are a lot of older Hyve 1u servers out there for decent prices that are made with Supermicro X9 series boards. A bit old now, but they will work and processors are cheap (Xeon E5 v2 for most), would give you more bang for buck than some of the newer (used) Dell servers. But I would only do this for testing, not production. For product X10 or X11 or newer would be required.

I am not a fan of HP, they make good hardware but a lot of the models have the BIOS and drivers locked behind a paywall. Look for this before buying a used HP server. I know my DL360e G8 falls into this condition and didn’t realize this until after I bought it. I was able to update it through the kindness of others, but it is not something I will do again.