XCP-NG Hard Drive Passthrough Issue

Hi All so ive installed xcp-ng and go the Xen Orchestra Community Edition installed in which im trying to utilize Hard Drive Passthrough.
Ive followed the steps on this page https://www.zerodispersion.com/xenserver-whole-disk-passthrough/ In which ive got it showing in my storages via the GUI.
The problem is that its showing as 0% Free.

You have passed it through so you have to configure it from inside the VM.

Thanks for the reply Tom. How do i do that? As through the gui it states 0% Free so wont allow me to assign it to the VM

Tom Your a legend. Thank you so much for this video.
Xenserver Hard Drive / Whole Disk Passthrough with XCP-NG

I did everything but the very last thing in the GUI. Doh!